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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are having a problem with our service, wondering about any part of our service or have any other question, check here.
If your question and/or your required answer is not here, contact us at and we will answer your question and add it to the FAQ's.
General Enquiries
Where does the name come from?
A Salvation Army Corps (Church) that I once attended (in Darlington, County Durham) has two stained glass windows with the statement "Christ for the World... The World for Christ" written across them. I have merely been more specific: "Christ for the Web... The Web for Christ". More details can be seen on the "Information" page.
How can I pay?
At present payment options are limited to cheque only. We DO NOT accept credit or debit cards as yet, but we may do in future. PLEASE NOTE: TwinkleBob accepts NO resposibility for cheques lost or delayed in the post.
How long will my Website take?
Unfortunately, we cannot give a general answer to this question, however much we would like. Since all sites are individual, and therefore do not follow a strict time plan, we cannot give an exact time. We will be able to give you a rough personalised estimate as to the length of time your order will take once the project begins. Most sites may take a month to two months for the basic shell to be up and running. Development of sites can take much longer. If you have any queries, contact us via our customer services section.
How can I order?
To order any site, visit our order form HERE, or contact our sales team at for more information.
Do I pay any extra fees?
No. The price you see on the ORDER FORM is the price you pay. The price includes the charge for designing and creating your site. Other sites may offer cheaper domain registration, but please remember, our price includes design, creation and hosting of your site, which they do not!
However, do not forget the non-refundable deposit of £30 is in addition to the price of the site and any extras you may order.
What happens if I change my mind?
It all depends on when you change your mind. But you may get some sort of refund (see below).
What is your refund policy?
Between payment of the deposit and your website "Going Live", you will receive 50% of your deposit and we will delete the majority of your files.
Within one month of payment, you will get a full refund (excluding deposit) - If you have ordered a domain, charges for this and any transfer fees will be withheld.
Between 1 and 6 months after payment you will receive 50% of your fees.
Between 6 and 9 months you will receive 30%.
At any point after nine months you will receive NO refund.
If I leave, do you keep my files?
With your permission we may continue to use portions of your design as examples of our work. However, if you should refuse to give that permission we'll keep the design files to admire ourselves (and probably to borrow design ideas from). We will never knowingly retain any of the information you have supplied.
Please Note: E-mails and their contents may be retained indefinitely.
If you would like a copy of your website files after you cancel your account, these may be available on request (a £15 administration fee applies). Please note that the design remains copyright TW4C.
If you would like someone to just design the site for you, please consider our parent company TwinkleBob Web Services who provide design-only services.
Why are your prices so low?
For the three reasons listed on the opening page:
  • TW4C is mostly a one-man team and is not a primary source of income.
  • TW4C offer low prices because it is as much about mission as profit.
  • Though TW4C produce sites are of high quality, they may not be of the highest possible quality, simply because there are some technologies that I do not employ.
Also, these sites are for Christian groups, and I want to literally saturate the web with Christianity! If that means charging low prices then so be it!
Who takes responsibility for the content?
We at TW4C will put your website together for you but we will not fill in the gaps!
All content is the responsibility of the customer, and they must agree to this before the project is started.
Whilst we will help by organising and/or editing your content we cannot take the time to create your website and fill it too.
If you do not send anything in, your website will remain virtually empty.
What if we're not a Christian group?
Unfortunately TW4Cs mission is to provide quality websites at low cost for Christian groups and are therefore not able to offer the same prices to other bodies. However, we are sure you will find the prices at our parent company TwinkleBob Web Services to be just as competitive. They also provide some extra products/services.

Domain Sites Enquiries
What Domains Can I register?
For a full list of domain endings that you can have from us, visit the Pricelist page, or e-mail our Customer Services Team at, or a printed copy can be sent to you FREE OF CHARGE!
How long can I register them for?
Domain names are generally registered for a fixed period of one or two years. They can then be renewed after that time. We will contact you when your registration period is about to expire, to see if you wish to re-register, or not.
Generally we manage all aspects of your website on your behalf, so you will only receive one renewal notice from us which covers your complete package. TW4C renewals are annual, regardless of which domain you order.
Who owns the domain?
For the purposes of running and administering your site TW4C will own the domain. If you choose to discontinue your account with us we will transfer the domain into your ownership for a small fee of £15. Please note that this process can occassionally take some time.

If you have any questions that are not mentioned here, please e-mail our Customer Services Team with your question, and one of our team will answer it. If we feel that it is a question that is likely to be asked a number of times, we will also add it to our FAQs page.