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Ordering Information

When you order, please choose one option from the "Site Type" list. You may choose as many options (one of each) from the "Extras" list.
Each account is subject to a £30 non-refundable deposit which is payable after the design has been created and must be paid before the website goes live.
Prices are per year and are payable within one month of the site going live. Alternatively you may pay half after a month and half after 6 months. This is subject to a 10% surcharge. Late payment is subject to a £20 fine.

Please note that while TW4C creates and manages the site for the customer, the actual content of the website is the responsibility of the Customer.

About TW4C

General William Booth, the founder of The Salvation Army (of which I am a part), is quoted as having once said "Why should the devil have all the best music?" I think it may have been said before he did, and has certainly been said many times since.
TW4C completely agrees with the sentiment but wishes to extend it and say "Why should the devil have all the best websites?"
Why am I saying this? Recently an internet publication claimed that "Adult" sites had helped to further the technology of the internet and also claimed that they were pioneers in this field. Why should they be?

Christianity makes up a very small part of the internet. Only about 35% of all "public" space is used by any mainstream religion. That figure is steadily growing, but is it necessarily Christianity that is helping it grow?
We, as Christians, are supposed to take the message of God wherever it is needed, where-ever it has not been heard. Amidst all the rubbish, information and genuinely useless sites it is important that God gets a mention.
But which Churches and other Christian groups can afford to have a webpage professionally made for £200+/month? Or which Christian groups want tasteless advertising on their "free" homemade sites? Not many I should think. TW4C here offers a middle ground, a quality website at an affordable price.

So where does the name come from? I'm sure you're wondering! In the old Salvation Army building in Darlington (County Durham) were two stained glass windows. Together they say: "Christ for the World... The World for Christ". We have simply been more specific: "Christ for the Web... The Web for Christ". This will be the mission of this website for the rest of it's days!

It is the mission of TwinkleBob Internet Enterprises through TW4C (The Web For Christ) to create tasteful, high quality webpages at as low a price possible and to help Christian groups have a presence in the Internet age and to spread the Word of God.
Complete customer satisfaction is our other aim. For this reason, the customer must play a large part in the production of the website to ensure the look, "feel" and content of the site are 'just right'! As previously mentioned, the content of the website remains the responsibility of the customer.