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This section of the site shows all the current sites we have made for paying customers, and others the team has had some hand in. Links to other websites can be found in the "Other Sites" section.
Customers Sites -- Other TwinkleBob Sites -- Other Useful Sites

Customer Sites:

Website for the Tom Raine Court men's hostel, a Salvation Army Social Services centre.
Website for the William Booth House hostel in Hull. This is another Salvation Army Social Services centre.
Website for the England & Wales branch of the "International Organization of Good Templars", a society for teetotallers.
Old Tupton Methodist Church, in Old Tupton village just south of Chesterfield.
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Other TwinkleBob Sites:

These are, as I said above, other sites that I have a hand in developing.
The main website for TwinkleBob
The website for our non-Christian web-design company
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Other Useful Sites:

Sources of information and tools used by TW4C
Free search engine promotion tools, information and software. Create a links page for the search engine spiders. Generate META keyword tags using keyword density for any page on your site. Create and test robots.txt files.
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