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When you order, please choose one option from the "Site Type" list. You may choose as many options (one of each) from the "Extras" list.
Each account is subject to a £30 non-refundable deposit which is payable after the design has been created and must be paid before the website goes live.
Prices are per year and are payable within one month of the site going live. Alternatively you may pay half after a month and half after 6 months. This is subject to a 10% surcharge. Late payment is subject to a £20 fine.

Please note that while TW4C creates and manages the site for the customer, the actual content of the website is the responsibility of the Customer.

Site Type

Single Page

With this option you will have a single webpage of information about your organisation (content approximately equivalent to one and a half pages of A4). The address will be or This option includes one e-mail address.
Cost: £40
The following options all take a similar format differing only in three ways: inclusion of advertising, website address format and amount of included e-mails. All websites take a multiple page format with pages of different information being grouped by a "homepage" and/or menu system.

Standard Website

This type of site includes some relevant banner/pop-up advertising. Address format is or A maximum of two e-mail addresses are included.
Cost: £60
Website Plus
This type of website is includes no advertising. The address format is as on the "Standard Website". A maximum of five e-mail addresses included.
Cost: £70
This type of website also includes no advertising. Your address takes the format or Also includes unlimited e-mail addresses*.
Cost: £80
If you choose a domain, your website includes no advertising. All domains include unlimited e-mail addresses*. See the table below to work out prices.
Suffix Price /
Website address takes the format:
.com / .org / .net
Website address takes the format:
Please note: Other Domain suffixes are available but these must be requested by the customer and a price will be investigated. A list of all available suffixes is available from Customer Services.

Extra Options

Additional E-mail Addresses

All the site options (excluding Sub-Domain and Domain) include a limited amount of e-mail addresses. Additional e-mail addresses can either forward to an existing e-mail address or can be standalone (POP3) which means that they can be accessed by an e-mail program, such as Outlook.
Forwarding - Cost: £3
POP3 - Cost: £8

* Domains and Sub-domains include 5 POP3 mailboxes and unlimited e-mail forwarding.